Timing Services

Fast Results

Updated as often as you like during the race, and preliminary results within moments after the last runner.

  • Custom bibs if desired for a bit more.
  • Large double-sided clock at the finish
  • Medium or small races
  • Affordable​

Live Tracking


Results available if we have internet accessibility.


Need your course certified to USATF standards?


It is quiet time consuming, and you'll need specialized equipment, a bicycle, and you and someone else will spend several hours measuring and riding. Then you'll have to complete loads of paperwork, construct a detailed map, and submit it to the appropriate person for approval. Chances are you'll need to make several changes and re-submit.

Why try this yourself? May as well just get a baseball bat and pound yourself?​

It's probably more affordable than you think, especially when you decipher your cost/hour.

Contact us, and we can help. We've certified many courses over the years.

Reach out today!

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