Giving Back

We are proud of our involvement in local communities, without whose support we could not offer these great events. We are pleased to give back to show our  appreciation, and to better our communities.

Barkley Fall Classic

Since 2014 Barkley Fall Classic has given over $65,000 to Morgan Co Athletics Depts; $21,500 to Frozen Head State Park., and several thousand to other Morgan Co organizations

Tunnel Hill

Tunnel Hill 100/50 contributes 10% of gross revenues to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and gives to Vienna High School,  the Masons, and Boy Scouts.

Strolling Jim

Strolling Jim 40mile/Marathon/10k has given over $20,000 of its proceeds to Cascade High School Athletics.

LBL Trail Runs

LBL trail runs has donated over $35,000 to Friends of LBL. This money is earmarked for trail improvements and new design.

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