About Us

Durbin Race Management was founded by Steve Durbin in 2014.

Steve works with leaders of great communities and not-for-profit organizations, without whose help, our races would not be possible:

West KY Runners Club, SoIL Racing, Grand Rivers KY Tourism, Friends of LBL, Friends of Frozen Head State Park, Vienna/Johnson Co IL, Wartburg/Morgan Co TN, and Cascade HS 

Our goal has always been to bring runners to smaller communities to provide needed funds for local economies, trail improvements, and high school athletics.

Steve works with Gary Cantrell/Lazarus Lake on the Strolling Jim, and Barkley Fall Classic races.

Steve Durbin

Certified Race Director

Steve Durbin's Accomplishiments

Overall Winner

Nashville Ultra 

50 mile run ​| 2009


West Kentucky

Runners Club

Since 2009

3rd place

Across The Years 

48hr run

162.5 miles​ | 2006-2007 

Other Notable Races

  • A Race For The Ages - 150 miles 2017
  • Vol-State 500k - 2016
  • Boston Marathon - 2002
  • Six time Ironman finisher
  • Two LOOPS - Barkley Marathons 2009

Many 100 mile finishes including:


  • Umstead
  • Rocky Raccoon
  • Mother Road II & III
  • Ozark Trail​

  • Heartland
  • Bloody 11w
  • Bitter End

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