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Tunnel Hill 100 

Tunnel Hill 50

 Vienna, IL -  November 11, 2017

USATF Sanctioned Event

USATF Certified 100 miles: #IL17003BW
      USATF Certified 50 miles: #IL17004BW
IAAF Certified: USA-2017-011

Tunnel Hill 2017 is a Western States 2019 qualifier

Tunnel Hill 100 mile run happens on the very first week of qualifying for the 2019 WS100. Why not get your qualifying done early? One less thing to worry about.

WHY TUNNEL HILL? Something special has happened here every year. 

5:30:15  Coree Woltering 2016 - fastest 50 mile run in the U.S.*

12:52:53   Mike Bialick  2015 - fastest 100 on trail in North America.* 

14:45:26  Traci Falbo  2014 - fastest known time for 100 on trail ever by a woman*

* at the time of running

ALL THREE are scheduled to run again this year. Will they establish new course records? 

How fast do you want to run??

Are you looking for your first 100 mile run?  

How about your first sub 24?  (>50% of the finishers were under 24)   

Sub 20?  

This could very well be the course you're looking for!  

Tunnel Hill 100/50 has been record setting for many, many runners ...  

including Traci Falbo and Mike Bialick (pictured).  

Traci smashed the American Record and ran the fastest known time for 100 miles on a trail by a female.

Mike Bialick smoked the course to the tune of 12:52:53 in the 2015 run. His run was the fastest 100 miles on trail by 40 minutes. 

2016 saw Coree Woltering run away from a strong field to the tune of 5:30:15 for 50 miles!! Fastest 50 miles run in 2016.*

Flat, fast course on the Tunnel Hill Illinois State trail .  

Unlike a lot of rails-to-trails, there is nothing "flat" about the scenery.  From wildlife inhabited wetlands to gorgeous rock formations, this trail has it all.  Smooth crushed limestone covered dirt bed is wide and contains no trip hazards.

Best of all is the iconic tunnel... over 600' of thrills you'll always remember.

Includes a 50-mile option... all the fun of the 100 miler, except you run the course once instead of twice.

USATF Sanctioned Event

100 mile course
USATF Certification # IL17003BW
IAAF Certified: USA-2017-011

50 Mile Course
USATF Certification #IL17004BW

ALL 100 mile finishers will receive a great, custom buckle. (pictured here).  IF you finish in under 24 hours, your buckle will be a little nicer and will have the designation of SUB24100 added. 

50 mile finishers will receive the 50 mile buckle.

Other Amenities include:  long sleeve shirts, special running caps, and drawstring bags for all runners.  100 mile finishers receive a nice jacket or similar item.

Crew friendly course.  Aid Stations fully stocked every 5 miles or so.


Western States 100 qualifer (for 2019 WSER)

USATF & IAAF Certified Courses. 

Live tracking of runners.

The sub 24 buckles mentioned above.

We'll have heated soup/hot drink tents at both ends of the trail in addition to the one in the middle.

Heated rest room/changing rooms at the Vienna Park aid station will be open the entire race.

Prize money

Establish a new 100 mile course record for either Male, or Female and earn $1500. (Mike Bialick - 12:52:53 & Traci Falbo 14:45:26, own them)

NOTE: Mike and Traci's times are the Second Fastest male and Second Fastest times run in a 100 mile trail event ever in North America.
Establish a new 50 mile course record and earn $750. (Coree Woltering - 5:30:15)
New American Record at 100 miles is worth $2500 ($1500 for CR & $1000 for AR).

Photo: Troy Shellhamer, 2014 male winner, Steve Durbin, Race Director, Traci Falbo, 2014 overall and female winner.  (courtesy of Mike Howard www.greatoutdoors.photos.com )