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The Barkley Fall Classic 50km 

Frozen Head State Park, TN

September 16, 2017

Registration is CLOSED

Registration is CLOSED for the September 16, 2017 Barkley Fall Classic, the spawn of the infamous Barkley Marathons.

Volunteer? What's the next best thing to running the Barkley Fall Classic? Volunteering at BFC!! Whether it be at an aid station, holding a ladder for a prison escape, taking photos, or handing out awards, you can't beat the the rush of watching your friends and cohorts suffer!! You've never seen so many people cursing on a course, and then they are all smiles at the finish. If you'd like to help us, please contact me via the contact page. 

Less than a week after the 2016 BFC, we sent an unannounced email at 9:14pm to those on who remained on the wait list for 2016, informing them that registration for 2017 was going to open at midnight (less than three hours later). By 09:00 we reached our target of 395 entrants, and the wait list has swelled to over 400.

We held an auction for 5 slots, with all the money going directly to the American Legion of Morgan County.  You see, the American Legion has been about the best partner we could have throughout the three years, so we wanted to do something nice for them. (The five slots went for over $2700).

So, what if you're on the wait list? Entrants have an opportunity to back out, and receive a 90% refund until June 1. We will invite people from the wait list as entrants drop out. 


Last year about 150 backed out BEFORE race date. 78 DNS, leaving 324 starters. 73 DNF, leaving 251; 132 of which finished the marathon, and 119 finished the 50k. (37%).  Why so few?

A few tweaks with the course... Deja Vu hill was removed, and replaced with Salvation Road.

Runners passed through the main Administration Building at Brushy Mountain State Prison, out into the courtyard, and to the back wall, (Yes! the same wall that James Earl Ray escaped over) where they climbed ladders up and over before proceeding to the tunnel under the prison. After the prison tunnel, RAT JAW awaited. 2000' of climb in about a mile. 

The Barkley Marathons - The Race That Eats Its Young. .. .The Movie

Wow! Have you seen the Barkley Marathon Movie? If not, you may purchase one on Amazon, or watch it on Netflix. Seems like hundreds of people watch it every week, because I get a call or message saying that the "crazy guy" in the movie, or Laz, is wearing an LBL cap. Duh... he's a good friend. (thanks for the endorsement Laz). 

BFC 2016 RECAP: We upped the ante to 400 entrants this year. Sold out, and 200 went on a wait list. Gave the early entrants a chance to opt out, and replaced them from the wait list. Still have a large number on the list. If you are one of them, and you don't get into the race this year (it's not looking likely), then you will be offered first shot at it for the 2017 race.

Once again, it seems a lot of people got nervous and dropped out for no good reason in 2015... 

Out of 308 total registrants, only 214 toed the line, and about half of those finished the 50km and secured the Croix de Barque... arguably the most coveted award in all of sports.

The 2015 edition of BFC added Gunny Sack hill, Deja Vu hill, a trip down and back up the Testicle Spectacle, down Meth Lab Hill, inside the gates of the old prison for a quick run through Brushy Mountain Prison, including a look inside the prison cell of the infamous James Earl Ray. Runners then exited the cell blocks into the prison courtyard and down to the building housing THE HOLE... where they put the baddest of the bad when they acted out.  Can you say 'total darkness'? From there the course rose 2000' in about a mile, up the Big Rat, a horrendously foul ascent laden with saw briers up to 10' tall. 

So, go ahead and click on the Registration link above and get yourself in the best shape of your life.  13000'+ of climb... thrills... chills... and spills.  As they say... bring your big girl panties.

2014 RECAP

Too easy... 2014 was the first running of BFC, and it was a big struggle to be able to host this event. It looked as though it may not happen, or that our signature hill... Rat Jaw would be eliminated.

The folks of Morgan County helped us and we held BFCI. 164 finishers out of around 230 or so.

Promises of a tougher, cooler course ensued...

2015 BFCII looked awesome on paper, but perhaps a little too tough, so laz and me decided to allow for a marathon option for those who did not reach the 22 mile aid station in 9 1/2 hours, OR those who reached it, but chose to head on in and forego the final 9 miles, which includes the wicked ascent up Chimney Top. After all, we can easily design a course that can't be finished... but we want one that anyone is capable of finishing. You're going to have to train, and then work for it.

Judging from the comments, and the way Facebook lit up, I'd guess we got this year's course right.

Of course we aren't going to rest on our laurels... BFCIV will be the coolest yet.

Don't miss the return engagement, coming September 16 to a Frozen Head State Park near you.  

Something good out of something "bad"?

BFC has now donated over $30,000 to Morgan County Schools Athletic Departments, and $9,320 to Frozen Head State Park.

Plus together we raised money for the American Legion of Morgan County, and the Cattlemen's Association in their fundraiser for Agriculture Scholarships.

WBIR TV - Knoxville did a pretty slick feature on BFC before the 2014 event.