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Run Under The Stars - The Series

Seems "timed events" are becoming more popular all the time. My friend, Gary, frequently talked of his love of the track events, and I sure enjoyed my time at Across The Years when I ran the 48 hour there, so we decided to start one of our own. When we started RUTS in Paducah back in 2007 there weren't many...especially all night events. Now 12/24/48/72/144 are springing up all over the place.

We hosted 5 locations in 2016. This year, we are starting with the 3 most popular, and go from there.

The format will be the same as you're used to at Paducah:

  • Run from 8pm until 6am. 
  • You can camp at the facility. 
  • Large aid station. 
  • Restrooms with running water, (some with Showers).
  • Nice amenities, including gender specific shirts, caps or visors, and bags.  
  • The medal will be awarded to all competitors and will indicate the location and have a slot for distance covered. Additional awards will be given to the top 5 m/f covering the most distance. 
  • Run as an individual, or part of a 2 person or 4 person relay team.

We, (Durbin Race Management), are partnering with local groups to provide 3 different venues, with varying distances, and surfaces. 


MAY 27/28, 2017

AK Bissell Park - in the heart of Oak Ridge.

1.25 mile,  loop of the Commemorative Walking Trail. (dirt covered with very small rock) 

Flat, figure 8 type layout with an out and back loop. 

This was a runner's favorite in 2016!

Camp or set up tables next to the course. Parking a couple hundred feet off the course. 

Large playground for kids.


JUNE 10, 2017

Carson Park Horse Track 

The Ultimate Running Party!

Where it began in 2007.

1/2 mile horse track.

Join the "legends of RUTS"... see the top 25 listed to the left.

How long will it take you to climb up the rankings?

The West Kentucky Runners Club is our host here.


JULY 8, 2017

Harrison County Fairgrounds just few miles up I65 from Louisville.

1/2 mile horse track consisting of dirt and finely crushed limestone. Very similar to Paducah; except they have really nice Showers!

Shannon and Pat Burke, along with KORT physical therapy, are our hosts.